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    It seems like seam only goes far enough, when it comes to running on different AS's

    John Ament Master

      Hey, so this is more of an observation than anything really.  i can understand from a business standpoint that you prefer to have your frameworks running on your AS's but hear me out.

      It just seems like the support for running an app made using seam on containers other than jboss as is just lacking heavily.  Just today I though, I have a requirement to make a very simple web reporting tool for load trackers.  I figured that seam's not a bad solution to the problem, a mildly complex data model (though I only need select). would love to make the UI in JSF/Richfaces and need to get it out quickly.

      Then I realized, it's an absolute pain to get a freshly created application to run on tomcat.  I used jboss tools (just got 3.0 today too) to create the project.  No ant build file made automatically.  Fine, not a big deal.  I get it to run, and I realize I have to get a datasource.  Now, from the docs, the only way I have to figure out how to get the datasource configured properly, I need to look at the examples.  I assume that I'll need to modify the context.xml and somehow tell the components.xml to find the datasource there.  How come this seems to not been covered anywhere?  It just seems odd.