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    commandLink action is not getting invoked with in dataTable.

    Murali Chepuri Newbie

      I am developing a Search Page in a popup(say popup1).
      In the search results dataTable i have a column with links.When we click on a link in a row, we need to pass some attributes(about current selected row) to bean(action) and show one more popup (say popup2).

      But commandLink action is not getting invoked when i click on commandLink.

      my code is like this

      <a:commandLink action="#{somebean.someaction}" value="#{row.someColumnName}"/>



      I tried to use s:link , using which action being invoked.

      But it introduced some other problem.
      That is ... clicking on any s:link or s:button causing the popup to be closed.For ex if click on a search button (which is actually a s:button) popup window is getting closed.

      So either i need the popup as it is with out being closed or i want the a:commandLink to invoke the backing bean action.

      Please help me.