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    Business Opportunity: Facebook-like App with Delegated Admin

    Michael Schwartz Newbie

      Hello everyone... I'm sorry to paste a business v. a technical issue here, but I have an opportunity which I'd be happy to see fulfilled by the Seam community. I have a large enterprise client that wants to launch a facebook-like application for their private network. The only difference is that it would need to be more company-oriented than individual-oriented, meaning it would need to have some facilities for delegated administration.

      The requirement is urgent, and any company interested would have to be ready to show an application that is working, and almost ready, but just needs some further customization and of course integration.

      If interested, please email me at nynymike@gmail.com or IM me on GTALK.

      Thanks and great work guys... Seam continues to impress on all fronts.

      - Mike Schwartz