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    Internationalization - best practices (regarding search engines)

    Frank Bitzer Newbie


      I'm going to develop a new website with Seam. It should be available in two langues, German and English in my case.

      Because both language versions must be found in Google with their specific keywords, using the standard approach based on message-bundles is not suitable here (otherwise, the Google crawler with a us or en locale would visit my site, but only see the English content).

      Instead, I plan to use two separate domains, a .net oder .com for the English version and a more specific .de for German.

      Now I'm faces with the problem how to set the language according to the domain the user is visiting. Ideally I would like to create one WAR file that serves both domains.

      Is this possible? How? :) Or are there any better approaches?

      I appreciate any ideas...