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    Pageflow : avoid the user to click oustide the pageflow definition

    Adrien FERIAL Newbie


      I'm developping a webapp under Seam 2.0.1 SP1.

      The navigation is made from page to page using conversations and page.xml files.

      In my webapp, the user can do an action (task) that is made of 6 different steps. Each step is a page. Each of these 6 steps creates some data in the database and on the filesystem.

      What I need is a rollback system if the user clicks on the cancel button or if he goes out of the pageflow by clicking on some menu items that have no links with the current user action.

      I don't know how to perform this rollback operation : should I use jBPM ? JSF navigation rules ? Just make the rollback int the @remove method of my beans? Is it possible to automatically deactivate the links that the user is not supposed to click?

      Please help me because I hav no idea of making something simple and easily understandable!