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    validation errors with seam genereated CRUD app.

    sridhar kondoji Newbie
      I have used seam gen tool to generate entities first and then UI. However, i did modify the entity classes a lot to suit my requirements. Once, i was confortable and fixed all compile errors, i generated ui and exploded it to jboss 4.2.2 GA

      However, when i try to enter Gender form field (value 'male'), i am getting validation error that the length should be between 0 and 6. What is starange is that the value i enter is between 0 and 6 characters.

      What do you think iam doing wrong here?
      Either it should be an issue with EnumType.STRING and a mismatch with Schema in backend
      Or it should be something else i don't quiet understand.

      Here is the code snippet on length of gender field.
      a) xhtml code snippet
                  <s:decorate id="genderField" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">Gender</ui:define>
                      <h:inputText id="gender"
                          <a:support event="onblur" reRender="genderField" bypassUpdates="true" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      b) Entity class code snippet:
              @Column(name = "gender", length = 6)
              @Length(max = 6)
              public GenderType getGender()
                      return this.gender;
              public void setGender(GenderType gender)
                      this.gender = gender;

      c) enum snippet
      public enum GenderType

      d) schema code snippet
      CREATE TABLE userprofile
              id BIGINT NOT NULL,
              name TINYTEXT NOT NULL,
              gender ENUM ('male','female') NULL,
              lastupdated DATETIME NULL,
              PRIMARY KEY (id)

      Even though iam entering the gender field with values 'male' or 'female', iam receiving length validation error 'length should be between 0 and 6 characters.
      Database is using utf8 encoding.

      Thank you