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    Problem with @Install(precedence Install.MOCK)

    zmicer harachka Newbie

      Hi, Guys!

      I expirience the following problem with seam @Install annotation.

      Let us say I have one class in the root src folder and have its mock version used for unit tests (with @Install(precedence Install.MOCK) in the top) in the root src-test folder. These source folders have appropriate build folders as build and build-test.

      When I run test and include these both folder into classpath of testng - I see that doesn't use mock version.

      But when I copy this mock .class file to the build folder - Seam started to use it.

      Please would you make it clear to me - what is a reason for such behavior. Some time ago I also experienced related problem with META-INF folder - Seam required this folder to be placed in build folder.

      Would appreciate for clarifying this to me.

      Kind regards,