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    Stream Response from a FTP Server

    Frank Bitzer Newbie

      Hi all,

      probably this is not only a Seam related question, but it is very interesting and Seam is really powerful, so maybe it can even provide a solution to the following scenario:

      I have a Seam powered webapp running on a server A. Second, there is a FTP server B where some file are stored a user can download via my webapp on server A (after a login/registration).

      Now how can I transfer the file from FTP server B directly to the client, without having it to download to server A first (the intention is of course that I want to keep the download traffic away from server A).

      The FTP authentification is handled by my webapp on server A, so simply sending a redirect to ftp://serverB/file.txt is not an option.

      Any ideas? Or is this generally impossible?

      Thanks for any input!