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    examples on different databases

    Umur YILMAZ Newbie
      I would like to test booking example on different DBs. I found this post

      However I couldnt put postgre library (jar file) along with the ear file.. I am supposed to use the build.xml file I guess but I am not sure.

      Can anyone help me on that?
      Here's the build.xml file

      <project name="Booking" default="deploy" basedir=".">

          <!-- Naming -->
          <property name="Name"                   value="Seam on JBoss Booking Example"/>
          <property name="example.name"           value="jboss-seam-booking"/>
          <!-- Libraries to include -->
          <property name="seam.ui.lib"    value="yes"/>
          <property name="seam.debug.lib" value="yes"/>
          <property name="facelets.lib"   value="yes"/>
          <property name="richfaces.lib"   value="yes"/>
           <!-- Datasource -->
          <property name="example.ds"             value="jboss-seam-booking-ds.xml"/>
          <import file="../build.xml"/>