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    Combobox setting value

    Matias  Santana Newbie

      Hello,my name is Matias and i´m new to Seam Framework.
      I am making a lot of tests, before i decide to make my project with it.

      I have a simple-for-you-problem, but i spend a lot of hours trying to figured it out, without success.
      I make a project using seam gen of a simple, product with categoria entity.
      The scenario is simple like this. I have a product which has a category. Simply.
      The sem-gen made a view where i can put the name of the client. But insted of make a comobox with all roles i can select it makes a grid where i have to enter to the page of roles and select one.

      So i decided to put a combo there, And here's where i get stucked.
      I made this:

       <s:decorate id="categoriaField" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
                      <ui:define name="label">Categoria</ui:define>
                      <rich:comboBox value="#{productoHome.instance.categoria.categoriaId}"
                                           directInputSuggestions="true" />   
                                          <s:selectItems var="categoria" itemLabel="#{categoria.descripcion}" itemValue="#{categoria.categoriaId}" />
                          <a:support event="onblur" reRender="categoriaField" bypassUpdates="true" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      But the problem is that when i select the category i want, the event is not setting the value to productoHome.instance.categoria. Then  my save button is not settibn enabled.

      <h:commandButton id="save"

      Where am i wrong? what am i doing wrong?

      Thanx all!!

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          Matias  Santana Newbie

          Someone who has a clue?

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            Stefano Travelli Newbie

            There are several problems in your code.

            The first is that the value property for rich:combobox points to the categoria.categoriaId. This won't work. Look at the <s:convertEntity>. Your code should look like:

            <rich:comboBox value="#{productoHome.instance.categoria}"
                      directInputSuggestions="true" />   
                     itemValue="#{categoria}" />

            In order to enable the save button you also have to modify the isWired() method so that it doesn't check if categoria is null. The pattern for wired/not wired entity home needs a page refresh to work.

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              Matias  Santana Newbie

              YES!! It work but the combobox is showing me the items with numbers! but the numbers aren´t the id´s however i want to show the descripition of the object, or the toString().

              IF you have ideas I will be very thankful to you!!!

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                william stephen Newbie

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                  ram ram Newbie



                    <rich:combo> works as a suggestion box and supports only a list of characters. your are using the below :


                  <s:selectItems var="categoria" itemLabel="#{categoria.descripcion}" itemValue="#{categoria.categoriaId}" />


                  instead use :


                  <s:selectItems var="categoria" itemLabel="#{categoria.categoriaId}" itemValue="#{categoria.descripcion}" />


                  the itemValue appears in the combo list and not the itemLabel. <rich:combo> is different from <h:selectOneMenu>.