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    Biz Serv

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      BizServ web application is a continuous process to create a real-time database, which has the required information about the potential customers that can be serviced by Broadband Companies. The application used for processing the BizServ data is called BizServ Application. IMMCO identifies the different areas by Map Number. Each Map number will have 1 to1000 (even more) BizServ units from a geographical location. IMMCO will identify the Map numbers from where the details to be collected and assigns the field work to its subcontractors. The subcontractors will send the field staff to physically visit the area identified by the Map number and collect the details of the BizServ units that can be serviced in that area. Once the field data is received by IMMCO, it scans and sends the field data, which is available as a hard copy to its data entry center to update the data in BizServ application. Once the data is checked for quality and approved by IMMCO, the payment is released to the subcontractors. Once the collected data is send to its clients, IMMCO will receive the payments for the data. The Application will have the capability to handle multiple clients with a central database. It will have a Map tracking option to monitor and manage the data collection life cycle.