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    Asynchronous calls blocking?

    Hugo Pragt Newbie

      Hello all,

      Could you help me understand the workings of an @asynchornous call?
      When two calls are made to the same @Asynchronous method. Should the 2nd call wait for the first one to finish?

      Please let me give you some context:

      I've created a seam application which at deploy time starts a timed call on a SLSB.


      The method being called takes some time (just under 5 minutes in some cases).
      It scans a database table for new stuff and process those.
      The method is timed at a 1 minute interval.

      What I observe is tat a call to the method actually waits for the former call to finish.
      I expected a second bean taking the call in another thread and executed in parallel.

      Is my expectation wrong or have I made some programming mistake somewhere down the line?

      Hope someone here can enlighten me :)