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    Composite control problem

    Todd Hough Newbie

      First, I'm using Seam 2.0.2.SP1 w/JBoss 4.

      I created a simple composite control that wraps a standard inputText field like so

      <div class="entry">
          <div class="label"><h:outputLabel for="#{id}">#{label}</h:outputLabel></div>
          <div class="input">
                  <h:inputText id="#{id}" value="#{value}" required="#{required}"/>

      Everything works correctly when I refer to the component directly in my web-app using the facelets.LIBRARIES context parameter.  But when I bundle the component as a JAR it doesn't work right in the validation phase (seems to lose its state).  And every time I load a page containing the component there's a log message in the console that says the components template is being refreshed even though nothing changed. 

      If I set facelets.REFRESH_PERIOD to -1 then everything starts working again.  But I really need to hot deploy changes to the other pages in my site without restarting the entire web application.

      Is there any way to prevent templates in JARs from being refreshed but still allow updates to the XHTML templates in my web app?