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    page fragment caching with treecache & cache registration

    Brett Cave Newbie

      is it possible to configure a seam application (deployed as an ear) to use a treecache registered outside of the seam application, or to pass environment variables from jboss to the seam app?

      We have a clustered jboss environment, and the TreeCache-Cluster is being registered to all nodes across all partitions on the network, whereas we only want to cluster using the same nodes as the jboss partitions.

      Is it possible to either pass jboss variables (e.g. jboss.partition.name) to the seam app environment, so that the treecache service is registered as TreeCache-Cluster-PartitionName, or to deploy treecache as treecache-service.xml to the JBOSS deploy and then reference is from the seam app?

      if we use TreeCache-Cluster-${jboss.parition.name} in treecache.xml, the variable is unknown. If we deploy treecache as treecache-service, then seam does not do caching.