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    problem - different conversations, how to pass data

    martin vich Newbie

      I have problem with implementing simple usecase in seam and richfaces.

      I have two 'screens', every screen is managed by another ejb bean.

      Description :
      1) I want visit second screen from first screen
      2) fill some data in second screen and then ...
      3) i want go back to the first screen...
      4) where will be still previously filled data and with data from second screen.

      first screen xml configuration :
       <begin-conversation join="true" />
        <navigation from-action="addButtonInFirstScreen">
              <redirect view-id="/secondscreen.xhtml" />
      second screen xml configuration :
        <navigation from-action="iWantGoBackToFirstScreen">
              <redirect view-id="/firstscreen.xhtml">
                   <param name="passedFromSecondScreen" value="#{secondScreenEJBBean.data}"/>

      With this configuration, when i go back into first screen - all previous form datas are away !
      and even more parameter 'passedFromSecondScreen' is blank.

      Whats wrong here ? I am seam newbie.

      Thank you your tips i will tell you more is some informations are missing.