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    how to attach an action listener to a drop down menu

    madhu reddy Newbie
               in my custmerList.xhtml file there is a drop down,after selecting the value here i want to attach the action listener to validate the unique key.can any body suggest me how to attach an action listener to drop down menu.
        there is a sample of code here thats not working.

      <s:decorate id="appFunctionField" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
          <ui:define name="label">#{messages['toms.application.properties.Function_code']}</ui:define>
             <h:selectOneMenu value="#{appRoleFunctionHome.instance.appFunction}" required="true" id="appFunction">
                      <s:selectItems value="#{appFunctionList.resultList}" var="appFunction" label="#{appFunction.id.functionCode}" noSelectionLabel="#{messages['toms.application.messages.Please_select']}"/>

      <a4j:support id="functionCodeField" event="onblur"
                              reRender="functionCodeField" ajaxSingle="true"
        <s:convertEntity />