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    Debugging error: Source not found

    Alex Cougarman Apprentice

      I'm running Eclipse JBoss Tools and am trying to get to a breakpoint, but it's throwing this error: Source not found. I clicked the Edit Source Lookup Path... and added where the PingBean.java file is:


      It flashes the file for a second but then the error shows again. What am I doing wrong?

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          d sailer Newbie

          this is really an eclipse question but go to the source tab on your debug run configuration and make sure you have a path to the source for PingBean. Also when you set these paths be aware that you want the root of the package structure. I'm assuming in this case your package is org.domain.helloworld. Eclipse would want to have a source path to ejbModule. Actually you might want to just right click on your project and check the build path. It sounds like you don't have source paths set up for your project. If you do that and then just recreate the run config it should set the paths correctly.