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    Ajax-chained selectManyListBoxes

    Maciek Pazur Newbie


      I do realize that the problem of ajax-chained selects has been discussed a number of times.
      But I tried to follow all the advice and didn't manage to make my application work.

      I am trying to implement searching UI for my application (issue management system).
      User can select some projects in selectManyListBox.


      <a4j:region id="projectsPanel">
           <h:selectManyListbox value="#{searchIssue.selectedProjects}" size="5">
                <s:selectItems value="#{allProjects.resultList}" var="proj"
                     label="#{proj.name}" />
                <s:convertEntity />
                <a4j:support event="onchange"
                     action="#{searchIssue.projectsSelected()}" reRender="modulesPanel" />

      Then relevant modules should appear in another selectManyListbox.

      <a4j:outputPanel id="modulesPanel">
           <h:selectManyListbox value="#{searchIssue.selectedModules}" size="5">
                <s:selectItems value="#{searchIssue.availableModules}" var="module"
                     label="#{module.name}" />
                <s:convertEntity />

      The view is supported with a backing bean SearchIssuesAction:

      public class SearchIssuesAction implements SearchIssues {
      @In(create = true, value = "#{allProjects.resultList}")
      @SuppressWarnings(value = { "unused" })
      private List<Project> allProjects;
      private List<Project> selectedProjects;
      private List<Module> selectedModules;
      private List<Module> availableModules;
      public void projectsSelected() {
           List<Module> available = new LinkedList<Module>();
           if (selectedProjects != null)
                for (Project project : selectedProjects) {
           availableModules = available;
      (...getters and setter for selectedProjects, selectedModules, availableModules...)

      I run into a number of problems

      The only way to display the page, without getting an error

      Expected a child component type of UISelectItem/UISelectItems for component type javax.faces.SelectMany(j_id57). Found null.

      is to render the modules select only if availableModules list size is greater than 0.
      I want this select to be empty unless any projects with modules have been selected.

      If I make the above-mentioned workaround, the modules appear on the list, but
        when I submit the form it turns out that selectedModules is null.

      I would greatly appreciate any help.

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          Ingo Jobling Master

          Hi, have you tried adding the noSelectionLabel attribute to the selectItems tag?  This attribute adds a selectItem representing no choice (null).

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            Maciek Pazur Newbie

            Thanks, that helped a bit:)

            No I can render the modules select at any time (no projects have to be selected).


            • If I select the some items including noSelectionLabel I get

            Exception during request processing:
            Caused by javax.servlet.ServletException with message: ""
            Caused by java.lang.NullPointerException with message: ""

            • If I select any other items I get a validation error

            • The application works only if I don't select anything in the modules select (then the selectedModules list is empty)

            Have you got any ideas?

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              Maciek Pazur Newbie

              OK. I added

              <begin-conversation join="true"/> 

              to the appropriate page.xml file.
              Now I don't get the validation error.

              My last problem is to detect that the noSelectionLabel has been chosen.
              When noSelectionLabel is chosen in a selectOne null is returned as select value. I haven't got the slightest idea why it is different when I use selectMany.