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    Flex, RichFaces and Seam application - problem with page navigation

    Agata Przybyszewska Newbie

      I am working on a project, which uses Seam as backend, and about 80% of the UI.
      We have a single page, which has a flex component embedded using Flamingo and Fiji.
      This is a rich search component, and it is calling methods on Action classes in seam.
      However, I can't figure out how to:
      - reload parts of the page based on events in the flex component
      - redirect to another page based on events in the flex component.

      I have tried the following approach:
      The flex component is calling a method on a Seam component :

      public String gotoRegister(){
                      //called by flex ... purpose to redirect ...
                      log.debug("redirect triggered by flex, going to register page ...");
                      return "/users/register.xhtml";

      This does not work ...
      Neither does adding an entry in the pages.xml file ...

      Using Flamingo, we can call any method on a Seam component, or bind to any property value. Any ideas for how to trigger navigation rules from such a call??
      And similar - any ideas for how to trigger a partial page update from a flex component?

      Hope somebody can help me out, couldn't find any relevant documentation ...
      Best regards,