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    Problem of calling a component's method with parameter in jseam el

    zwz mycoy Newbie

         I have read some reference saying that it's ok to invoke component method with parameters in jseam EL.  But i cannot figure out how to do that.
         code in page:

      <h:commandLink action="#{viewServiceOfPro.test(}" style="text-decoration:none;">
           <h:outputText value="Param Test" />

         code in stateless session bean:

      public String test(){
           System.out.println("test() *******  ");
           return null;

         But i get the exception:

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /sysMain.jsp(125,8) The function test must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is not specified

        I have also tried to invoke the method with an argument(an object's property). But the same exception.

        Could anyone help me?  Thanks a lot.