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    Hosting with special setup

    Karsten Wutzke Expert

      Hello all,

      I'm completely new to Seam, however not Java and not JSTL and Servlets. I was wondering if it was possible to find a webhoster (virtual or dedicated server) to run one webserver with JavaEE/Seam/EJB/... (whatever you need for Seam apps) and PHP together!?

      This is for an experiment project. It is supposed to be implemented in two ways: one in Java/Seam framework, the other in PHP/Zend framework.

      I want to have the users choose between the Seam and Zend versions via subdomains



      zend.exampledomain.com .

      Both would share the very same MySQL database. Is such a setup possible at all? I wonder which webserver could run Seam alsongside PHP...? Can JBoss do this? Do I need Apache with Geronimo running? Can JBoss integrate PHP?

      Any helpful help appreciated on this.