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    Bypass Hibernate validation

    peter irmstadt Newbie


      I am currently working on an application that enables me to manage mailaccounts for different domains that are hosted on my mailserver and stored in a MySQL 5 database.

      There are different users that may login to that application and they all have different domains that they are allowed to manage.

      A mailuser is represented by a EJB entity bean that contain a password field. To validate this field I used hibernate validators, what works very well.

      The problem: The mailserver needs the passwords to be stored as an md5 hash. But the length of the md5 String and the containing characters disagree with the hibernate validators, so I get validation errors each time the values are loaded and stored (I tried to convert the given passwords to md5 hashes inside the setter of the password field).

      Is there a way to bypass these validators for that reason?
      I still need them for the user the change the password. Might there be another validator that is independent from Hibernate and let me validate a given text by as well the length as a regular expression?

      Thank you in advance!