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    Conversational EntityQuery getting ignored after first request

      I have a dataTable on a page backed by a conversational-scoped EntityQuery (i.e. #{myEntityQuery.resultList}). On the first request to this page, the breakpoint in getResultList() is hit. However, on page refreshes, it isn't. (The page's definition in pages.xml has a <begin-conversation join="true" />)

      This is very surprising behavior. When changing the EntityQuery to be event-scoped, the breakpoint is hit on first page access and every refresh. And, as expected, it's a DIFFERENT EntityQuery instance each time. I would expect with the conversational-scoped EntityQuery that the breakpoint would be hit upon every page access, but that it would be the SAME EntityQuery instance - however, the breakpoint isn't getting hit at all.

      The only thing I can even begin to guess as causing this the fact that EntityQuery's getResultList() is annotated with @Transactional.

      Am I observing expected behavior? How can I continue use a conversational-scoped EntityQuery but have getResultList() actually called, albeit on the same instance, upon every page access?