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    Binding doesn't work

    Alexey Kopylov Newbie

      I have a project which created by seam-gen.
      And I have problem with binding. Any component doesn't work with it.

      For example, I'll show problem with a4j:commandButton. In my bean I have this code:

      import org.ajax4jsf.component.html.HtmlAjaxCommandButton;
      HtmlAjaxCommandButton myButton;
          public HtmlAjaxCommandButton getMyButton(){
              if(myButton == null)
                  myButton = new HtmlAjaxCommandButton();
              return myButton;
          public void setMyButton(HtmlAjaxCommandButton myButton){
              this.myButton = myButton;

      And in the xhtml when I want use binding for a4j:commandButton I add this only:


      I expected that is can work but I give an exception:

      object is not an instance of declaring class

      This situation with any component. Not whith a4j:commandButton only.
      Is anybody have ideas what is it?