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    HTTPS redirect problem using Apache HTTPS

    Mark LoSacco Newbie

      The following Jira described a problem I am having, but I am not sure what the right way to work around it is: JBSEAM-1024

      "Also, it would be great if the documentation could be updated to
      include a warning for people with proxied environments. That is, 
      depending on how your proxied environment is setup, using scheme might
      result in an infinity redirect loop. Here is how this could happen: 
      lets say you have a webserver that can handle both http and https, 
      however, this webserver can only talk http with the appserver. Now, if 
      you mark a page such as 'login.xhtml' with scheme = https, then if the 
      user types https://www.somedomain.com/login.seam, the webserver will 
      be sending http://www.somedomain.com/login.seam to the appserver. When 
      Seam looks at it, it will ask the browser to redirect to https again, 
      resulting in an infinity redirect loop."

      In my scenario we are also running Apache on our server and have configured SSL (mod-ssl).  When I try to use scheme=https (and set https-port=8443) in my pages.xml I am seeing the page load loop described.

      Can anyone offer advice on right way to set this up?  Do I also need to setup SSL under tomcat?  That seems wrong...