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    Delay in Ajax call

    Nagaraj N Newbie

      My Application technology spec is - Seam 2.1, RichFaces 3.3.0. GA version.
      My page has filter engine to generate the report based on the filter selection. Application fetches the list (it is around 4000 records , each record takes around 60 columns) based the filter selection and keeping the fetched list in the memory and it is being used whenever the user clicks page navigation bar to switch over from 1 page to another page. I am using conversion scope also to track the changes in the detailed page from the fetched list to drill down page.
      It has functionality Reset. When the user clicks Reset button, it suppose to call the server side code to set value All to all the filters. But It is taking lot time to do this process when I have more no. of data list set in conversation scope memory by the previous search. I donot have clue whether the issue because of huge data in memory or JSF issue or conversion scope.
      Also unexpected delay in refreshing the 2nd dropdown list when the user select 1st dropdown value. Ajax call is used to take the the list from server memory and re-renders 2nd filter set.
      It is causing the performance issue in all the pages. Is there any idea/solution to fix this issue?