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    Seam and Roles JBPM

    Guillermo Ortiz Newbie


      I've two users:
      - Admin1 with role ADMIN and actorid Admin1 and
      Admin2 with role ADMIN and actorid Admin2

      I've the next definition process:

      <start-state name="start">
                      <transition to="estado1"></transition>              
              <task-node name="estado1">
                      <task name="estado1" description="estado1">
                              <assignment pooled-actors="ADMIN"/> 
                      <transition to="estado2" />
      <end-state name="done"/>

      When I call to @CreateProcess it appears in the pooledTaskInstanceList of both users.
      But when it is called to @StartTask the ACTORID it is fixed and only it appears in the list taskInstanceList of the user who
      has begun the task.
      Since another user belongs to the same role it might see these tasks? Is it possible?

      Thanks and sorry for my english.

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          Ambrish Singh Newbie


          You can't view the task for the actor Admin2 because when the task is in pooledTaskInstanceList, then it is in waiting state and once any actor (here Admin1) from the pooled accepts the task then it goes to active state and an instance of Task is created.

          I f you want that the task be accessible for both Admin1 and Admin2, then you can use FORK and JOIN.


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            Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

            If it is assigned to admin1, it is not 'available' in the pool anymore. So behaviour is as desgined. You can write your own query to show tasks from a pool that are assigned to some individual. If you want to have e.g. admin2 act upon it, reassign it to him. If you want it back just in the pool, reassign to 'null'