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    Vasavi Vajinepalli Newbie

      Hi all, i would like to edit and delete the records in the list page without navigating to edit page using richfaces. Means, using richfaces i have used a menu with EDIT and DELETE options. when i click on EDIT button, the corresponding record should be displayed in the same list page at down with edit mode. in the same way delete also... can anybody help me in doing this....

      Thanks in advance.....

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          Ambrish Singh Newbie

          Yes, you can defined a boolean variable ,say editable, and set its value to true when you click on the Edit/Delete Button.

          And for each column of your list , map the same value expression for a textbox (for editing) and a outputtext for displaying only.

          Now rendered the textbox and hide (not rendered) the outputtext when editable is true otherwise rendered output text and hide the textbox.

          Note that initially editable should be false.