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    seam-gen encore proposal for Google Summer of Code 2009

    Dan Allen Master

      As you know I've spent a lot of time recently sprucing up seam-gen to make it easier for you to seed a Seam project that can be deployed to either JBoss AS or GlassFish. This allows you to evaluate Seam, reproduce a failure scenario, test out a new module (identity management), or immediately start to work on your application. But for as much utility as seam-gen has, it needs to be redesigned to make it easier to maintain and more extensible.

      That's why I am putting forth a proposal for wiki://47172, the enlightened predecessor to seam-gen, as a Google Summer of Code 2009 project sponsored by Red Hat. If you are a student and want to get involved with this initiative, please sign-up and state that you want to participate. We're calling for build-oriented engineers who enjoy working with Maven 2, Ant, FreeMarker, Hibernate Tools, and JBoss Tools (Eclipse plugins). You need all of those skills and more to tackle this project, but expect to hone your prowess with these tools in the process.

      See the wiki://47172 page for details about the proposal. Check out the Google Summer of Code 2009 page to see the statement of the proposal and the Red Hat Summer group page for information on how to get involved.

      What about the current seam-gen? Don't fear, it's still going to be used and maintained until a replacement can deliver at least as much functionality. It's critical that we not have a break in your ability to quickly create Seam-based projects. But we do want to give you more and for that to happen, we have to start anew.

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          Dan Allen Master

          And yes, we will be addressing the Maven 2 issue that so many of you have asked about. It's important to note that adopting Maven 2 is not as easy as dropping a pom.xml into the project as some might lead you to believe. Using Maven 2 is costly and I'm going to make sure it doesn't get out of control.

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            Dan Allen Master

            Unfortunately, this proposal got rejected. The reason cited was it shows no sign of thought or effort and will not be considered. The truth is, a lot of the ideas of still stuck in my head.

            But don't despair because it's not the end of the effort. Over the last couple of weeks I have worked on building out Maven-based examples in Seam 3. From there, I am going to move on to creating some archetypes. Once that is setup, then the seed will be spread for beginning work on seam-gen encore. So I'm still looking for people interested in helping out. I'll keep you posted with any progress made.