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    Seam - by David Geary - NFJS - outrageous

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I can't believe this:

      Have you ever stopped to think that you need to learn two frameworks to develop a non-trivial, database-backed, web application? Struts and iBatis; JSF and Hibernate; Tapestry and EJB3.0. Two frameworks. And then you have to learn to use them together. Why do we have to learn two frameworks just to retrieve Hello World from a database and show it in a view. Isn't that crazy?

      Now you can use one framework, and use one component model. One. Isn't that nice?


      Does this guy smoke crack?  He's the co-author of Core JSF!

      I've used Seam 1.2/2.0 for almost 2 yrs now and it's not just Seam in the development stack.  It's typically JSF, Facelets, Seam, EJB3/JPA, Hibernate, Richfaces/ICEfaces.  Which is one of the reasons the learning curve with Seam is very steep, b/c you need to learn so many frameworks simultaneously (depending on your experience).

      Now you tell me how to write a Seam app using only one framework.

      Actually, tell me how to write any JEE app using only one framework.