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    image display help

    d sailer Newbie

      I'm trying to display some images (off the file system) in a dataTable. From what I can tell I need to pass a java.io.File to s:graphicImage so I have a bean to handle that:

      public class PhotoBean {
        private Log logger;
        private String photoPathRootDirectory;
        public String getTestThis(String tst) {
          return "blahblah";
        public void setPhotoPathRootDirectory(String photoPathRootDirectory) {
          this.photoPathRootDirectory = photoPathRootDirectory;
        public String getPhotoPathRootDirectory() {
          return photoPathRootDirectory;
        public String getPhotoFullPath(String filename) {
          return photoPathRootDirectory + filename;
        public File getPhotoFile(String filename) {
          return new File(getPhotoFullPath(filename));

      and the view is:

             <rich:dataTable value="#{hubbleHome.adPhotos}"
                      <f:facet name="header">Photo Path</f:facet>
                      <h:outputText value="#{_hubblePhoto.filename}"/>
                     <ui:define name="label">Photo</ui:define>
                     <s:graphicImage value="#{photoBean.photoFile(_hubblePhoto.filename)}"/>

      with s:link you can pass a parameter in an EL expression but I guess you can't do that with s:graphicImage (I get method not found). So how would I do this?