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    ZIP generation (with PDFs )


      I need to create a Zip file with some reports in PDF format.

      The ZIP should be available to download from a seam page.

      So I don't need any seam pages for the PDF reports.

      1. I have to create the PDFs in Java not in xhtml, but I can't find Java API docs for org.jboss.seam.pdf. package.

      2. Is there a good sample of creating PDFs with table contents?

      Thank you!

      Any other tips are welcomed!

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          Have a look at the IText docs

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            A final question (I hope).

            When a user clicks on the Download button from a .xhtml page I want the ZIP archive to be generated and to appear on the client's browser the well known window with Save as.., Open with the ZIP ready to be downloaded from the server.

            -the button looks like:

            <s:button action="#{reportGenerator.generate}" value="Download"/>

            -the component looks like:

            public class ReportGenerator {
            public void generate() { //what is the return type??
            //code for build ZIP

            Thank you!

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              Have a look at how e.g the PDF tag (Document?) end uses the DocumentStore to serve its binary data.