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    Groovy Integration Thoughts

    Jeremy Davis Newbie

      I am interested in how others use Groovy in their Seam apps.

      I have mainly used Groovy for xml processing.  I do a lot of xml processing these days, and Groovy handles xml nicely.

      Recently I've been relying on Groovy for more components.  I have run into cyclical compilation problems between Groovy files and Java classes. 

      I can think of three ways to tackle this problem.

      Compile Groovy first.
      Complie Java first.
      Compile according to some criteria like package or class naming or source folder names.

      The upside of compiling Groovy first is that Java classes can call Groovy directly.  The downside is that Groovy can't call Java.

      The upside of compiling Java first is that Groovy can call/instantiate Java objects.  This is particularly useful when moving back and forth between xml and domain objects.

      The upside of compiling based on a naming convention is the ability to mix and match.  The downside is build complexity.

      How do other people integrate Groovy into their projects?