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    h:selectOneRadio and converters

    Matt Reed Newbie
      I have been working with converters and the h:selectOneMenu and h:selectOneRadio tags.  Everything seems to work fine for the drop downs, however the radio buttons are not funtioning properly.  I have tried:

      <f:selectItems ... with
      <f:converter converterId="optionConverter" />


      <s:selectItems ... with
      <s:convertEntity />

      Both appear to be called properly for radio buttons, however if an option is selected prior to arriving at the page, the option does not appear selected on the page.  If I change the selectOneRadio tage to selectOneMenu but change nothing else, the selection renders correctly. 

      Has anyone experienced this same issue?  Is there a solution or am I doing something wrong?  It seems to me it may be a bug but I have found very little online about others doing anything similar.