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    master-detail without SFSB or SLSB

    Kevin Taylor Newbie

      I must first point out that i am extremely new to seam.  With that said.
      Here is the scenario:  I have one page that presents a list of widgets in a datatable with an edit link for each row.  When the user clicks on the edit link they should be redirected to another page where they can edit and save various properties of the wideget.  There is another link where a new widget can be added to the system.  Also, I have to accomplish this using conversations without SLSB or SFSB.  Here is my first problem:

      1.  Should I have everything that pertains to the widget, datatable population, editWidget, newWidget, saveWidget, cancel in the same action or should this be divided across two beans one for the actions that pertain to the DataTable page and one that pertains to the edit page? 

      2.  I am having a problem where the DataModelSelection is not working properly, it seems to continuously pull the first record.  I tried using DataModelSelection and specifying an argument for the action method of type Widget.  Neither seem to work. 

      3.  In the conversation scenario, if I use multiple action classes, how would the actions share the Widget object(i.e. if the user select a Widget to edit from one action how would the action associated with edit page be aware of it)? 

      4.  How is the Widget object associated with a particular conversation or should I even be worried about this?