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    Injecting from the form

    Marco Santos Newbie

      Hello there. Im with problems injecting a form information that is stored in a java bean.

      The Bean:

      public class UserBean {
           private String userName;
           private String password;
           private String retypedPassword;
           private String email;
           private String fullName;
           public String getUserName() {
                return userName;
           public void setUserName(String userName) {
                this.userName = userName;
           ....... The rest of the setters and getters

      The seam action class:

      public class ManageUsersAction implements ManageUsers
          @Logger private Log log;
          @In StatusMessages statusMessages;
          private UserBean userBean;
          public void manageUsers() {
              // implement your business logic here
              log.info("manageUsers.manageUsers() action called #{userBean.userName} + #{userBean}");

      on the logger instruction the


      returns what ever i fill on the userName field, but the userBean variable is injected empty, with no value on the instance variables.

      I believe that is a roockie mistake. Does any one can spot what am i missing?

      Thanx a lot