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    Calling @Destoy method fails on type safe annoted Session Beans on logout

    Torsten Ebeling Newbie

      I created a typesafe role permission like this:

      @Target( { METHOD, TYPE } )
      @Retention( RUNTIME )
      public @interface Tester {

      I annoted EJB3 Session Beans

      public class CreateTestPlanBean implements CreateTestPlan {
      public void destory()

      The problem is that when I logout (in xhtml)

      <li class="logout">
             <s:link  action="#{identity.logout}"
               value="Logout" rendered="#{identity.loggedIn}"/>

      and there was still a long running conversation with this bean I get the exception:

      WARN  [Component] Exception calling component @Destroy method: doCreateTestPlan

      Is there a way to tell seam that it should not check for the role tester in the destroy method. It is only a warning and I do not execute code in the destroy method, but it would be nicer if this messaged did not appear in the logs.