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    can seam-gen create the db too?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I have been tasked for developing some template (i.e. generic) functionality for our Seam app template code.

      Specifically, there is a db schema which is required for security, data lists, application settings, etc. that will need to be reverse-engineered to JPA entity classes.

      Our modified version of seam-gen actually runs the DDL via the JDBC driver for Oracle or MSSQL to create the SECURITY_ROLE table.  This table will be replaced and add'l tables are required.

      What I was wondering is if seam-gen can actually create the db instance for us prior to the DDL execution to create the table.  If the db server exists and is running and you have the dbo credentials, is this possible to do using the Ant <sql> task or similar?