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    help-me EntityQuery

    Gustavo Lira e Silva Newbie

      I tried everything and this forum is my last salvation, please help me ...
      I'm using Seam, and I use the code it generated and standardized, such as EntityHome and EntityQuery.
      the problem is the following xhtml pages in the search and listing of the data uses the Seam EntityQuery
      the parameters are passed as follows:

      <param name="nome" value="#{usuarioList.usuario.nome}"/>
      <param name="login" value="#{usuarioList.usuario.login}"/>
      <param name="senha" value="#{usuarioList.usuario.senha}"/>

      the problem is when I have a list, as a step in the parameter list? for example:

      <param name="roles" value="#{usuarioList.usuario.rolesColeection}"/>?

      I stopped in that part of the Seam and I can not move because of that.

      I would like to use this way, I would like to use only the EntityHome and EntityQuery.

      If someone in any way I can thank

      Whatever to me GET or POST