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    Importing Seam "registration" example into Eclipse

    Alex Cougarman Apprentice

      Hi. I know this is also an Eclipse question, but I've yet to successfully import a Seam example into Eclipse. I've deployed the registration Seam example into JBoss by doing ant explode and it works great. How do I then import that example into Eclipse so I can edit and view the code? And sorry if this is an Eclipse question :)

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          Ingo Jobling Master

          Its OK, this is very much a Seam question!

          I think that the best approach is to create a Seam-Gen project for Eclipse, thus setting up all the basics, including libraries, ant build scripts, etc.  Based on the Seam-Gen structure, it is fairly straightforward to copy folders and files from the Seam example projets into Eclipse.

          Previously I tried to do it from scratch (without using a Seam-Gen project as a base) and it was a painful experience.  I hate examples where I end up spending hours just trying to build the project.  By the time I have the environment set up I am too exhausted and fed up to learn anything from the examples!

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            Alex Cougarman Apprentice

            Thanks, Ingo Jobling. I've spent the last month wrestling with JBoss and Eclipse. I've done about 500 different tutorials, only to have each one end in a Java exception of one type or another -- or have the tutorial ask me to follow an impossible step, because of the outdated instructions.

            It's been hell, to put it mildly. I have a degree in computer science and have been doing web app development since 2002. In all this time, I've never experienced anything this painful -- and I did COBOL programming as the bandend to a web app (via CGI)!

            I might be seeing some light at the end of this long tunnel. I finally was able to reproduce the registration example in Eclipse, by manually creating the Java classes. This breakthrough only took me 4 weeks :)

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              Ingo Jobling Master

              Time to have some fun!

              I highly recommend Seam-Gen.  With it you can generate a database application, that actually works, and looks great to boot, in an hour or two.

              Seam-Gen makes it easy to import the project into Eclipse and run on Jboss from within Eclipse.  The instructions do do this are in the Seam documentation, and are clear and easy to follow.

              It is a great way to get started with Seam, and gives an taste of what is possible, as well as some useful design patterns for working with Seam.

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                Alex Cougarman Apprentice

                Thanks, Ingo. Seam-gen is a truly easy to use and powerful tool. Sometimes when you stare at a problem too closely, you lose the forest for the trees. I'm starting to see the power of Seam -- to be able to write to a database without having to write a single line of data access code! To have persistence and JSF (and the other features) all pulled into one cohesive whole -- that makes the challenges worthwhile :)