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    set style for selectManyCheckbox or selectItems

    Stefan Woerner Newbie

      i have some problems with the selectManyCheckbox element. actually i have something like this in my xhtml-page:

      <h:selectManyCheckbox id="filterSelection" value="#{list.selectedFilters}" layout="pageDirection" styleClass="smallerTableMargin">
        <s:selectItems id="filterSelectionItem" value="#{list.allFilters}" var="fil" label="#{fil}" itemValue="#{fil}" />
        <a:support event="onclick" action="#{list.refreshLayout()}" reRender="listPanel" />

      on the h:selectManyCheckbox element i'm using a css class and this works fine. but now i have to apply a style on every checkbox which comes out of the s:selectItems. but i can't find an atribute to do this. if i add the stlyeClass to the h:selectManyCheckbox this doesn't have any effect on the checkboxes, because in the html page hte s:selectItems is done as a table.

      is there a way to set styles to every checkbox?
      thanks for helping me!!!