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    The demise of a conversation

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      JBoss 4.2.2.GA / JDK 6, Seam 2.1.1GA, POJO

      I have the unfortunate situation where I persist an entity (let's call it an Order) but a database trigger can throw an exception if the saving is not allowed (due to more complicated DB-related constraints/logic).

      When I persist, I can catch the PersistenceException, do a addFacesMessage and wrap it in an @ApplicationException. In pages.xml I have a

           <exception class="java.sql.BatchUpdateException">
                <redirect view-id="/main.xhtml">

      When I persist the entity the following happens

      1. I go to the main page. Fine

      2. I see the BatchUpdateException message. Fine.

      3. I get a new conversation (even if I didn't request endConversation in pages.xml)

      4. The message I added in my action is lost.

      5. New transaction is alive (due to new conversation). Fine.

      The DB exception is fatal for the transaction(?) but is there some form of semi-graceful way of handling this situation?