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    dynamically add change xhtml pages

    Sascha Janz Master

      i got a seam app. i want my customers to dynamically add/change xhtml pages without deploying the whole project, instead simply add or change an xhtml in a specific directory.

      is there a way to do that?

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          Joshua Davis Expert

          That depends on how the app server handles hot-deployments.  Here's what we do with JBoss on our developer workstations:

          • Use an exploded WAR deployment.

          • Make sure the deployment scanner is running.

          • Copy the xhtml files from the source tree to the exploded directory in the JBoss server tree.

          We have a little ANT target that does the last part.

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            Igor Lychakov Newbie

            I am having same problem, but a little different:

            - Simple 'Web Dynamic project' created in Eclipse works fine.
              Modified index.html gets replicated to C:\Java\jboss-5.1.0.Beta1\server\default\deploy\webProj.war\ (exploded war folder) and refreshing the page in browser displays the change.
            - Simple 'Seam Web Project' created in Eclipse won't work.
              Modified index.html is copied say to C:\Java\jboss-5.1.0.Beta1\server\default\deploy\seamProj.war\ as above, but JBoss server runs project from TMP\<...> folder, e.g. C:\Java\jboss-5.1.0.Beta1\server\default\tmp\<...5c4o2...>\seamProj.war\

            Is there any way to force JBoss to use default/deploy folder or tell it to synchronize from it?