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    chaning default login in seam

    jaya kemmannu Newbie

        as everyone know seam has default login. My doubt is how can i change this default login,and i want to store login details (username and password)in User table.how do i do that?what code should i write, what changes i have to do in .xml files and .java files? any suggestions please?

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          Oguzhan YALCIN Newbie

          You have lots of options. You can use JPAIdentityStore for authenticating users from db(has a standart way of doing it).
          If it doesn't  fit your needs you can write your own IdentityStore with implementing org.jboss.seam.security.management.IdentityStore Interface. There is a lot of samples  you can find around. Try to search the forum. The main point you can find samples is jboss.org but is down for a little!!!  maintenance.( nearly about 2 days:( )