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    Running SQL query instead of EJB QL

    Francis Drake Newbie
      I can't translate following query into EJB QL:

      SELECT c.category_id, c.category_name, c.sort_order,
                          cld.category_name AS lang_name, cld.sort_order AS lang_sort_order
                          FROM category c
                          LEFT OUTER JOIN category_lang_detail cld 
                          ON c.category_id = cld.category_id AND
                          cld.language_code = 'EN'
                          WHERE c.category_id IN(1,2,3)
                         AND parent_category = 100 AND
                          (cld.visible = true OR cld.visible IS NULL)
                          ORDER BY cld.sort_order, c.sort_order ASC

      So I decided to run it as common SQL. What is the best way to do it in Seam? I tried:

      javax.sql.DataSource ds;

      but ds is always null.