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    Automatic redirect on session timeout?


      Hello -
      I've been reading all the posts on how to redirect to another page after session timeout when the user invokes some action on the page.   We already do this with no problem using pages.xml, but our app sometimes displays very sensitive information.  It is heavy ajax, based on JBoss/Seam/Richfaces.

      Has anyone found an elegant way to manage the client automatically on session timeout without the user having to invoke an action?  For example, if session timeout is set to 15 min, and the user goes to lunch for an hour, I would ideally like some other predefined page to be displayed when the user returns.  I don't know if this can be done, or maybe something can be done using a4j:poll, but that might be a subject for a different forum.

      Thanks for any help.

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          I think this blog can help.
          If not I'm sorry. :/


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            Francois -
            Thanks for the reply.  I had seen this blog before, but I had also seen some information about there being security issues with using @WebRemote.  I've never used this annotation before, so I was a little concerned about that.  So I don't want to try to solve a security issue using something that may have one of its own that I can't really explain well.

            If anyone can clarify the risks (if any) of using the solution you pointed me to, that would also be helpful.  Thanks again.

            - Joe