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    Strange bug in full text search - doesn't work outside JBoss directory

    Eric H Novice

      There is a strange bug in full text search.  First, I will say that JBoss is not easy to deploy in a normal way on a Linux server.  I wrote a long article about JBoss deployment on Ubuntu.

      Anyway, the most sensible thing is to put the deploys apps outside of the jboss installation directory, so that if I want to upgrade jboss-as, I can leave all my apps in place.  Often apps are installed in a location like /srv/jboss/...

      Unfortunately, there is a strange bug where this makes it impossible to get a FullTextEntityManager, and therefore any app which relies on that cannot be installed in such a way.  It must be installed in the JBoss directory.

      This is very easily repeatable and is clearly a bug, and a serious one at that.  Does anyone have any input on this?