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    Theme property resolution

    Kevin Erhardt Newbie

      Hello community,

      after migration from seam 1.2 to seam 2.1.2 I have some trouble with the theme property resolution. I use the configuration file default.properties to configure the template path, and I access the property in my JSF files over #{theme.template}, but the value seems be empty. In seam-blog example it works fine, but in my solution not :(.


      css /stylesheet/theme.css
      template /layout/template.xhtml




      <div style="color: red;">
        template = #{theme.template}<br />
        css = #{theme.css}<br />
        theme = #{themeSelector.theme}


      template = template // is wrong
      css = css // is wrong
      theme = default // works fine

      Have someone an idia for this problem?