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    Hibernate @Valid Annotation

    Jai Naga Rani Kasirajan Newbie

        I want to know how @Valid annotation works for One to many Relation.

      It doesn't seems to be working for,

      public List(Object) getXXX(){

      I am using list and  need to be validated on time of setting.(I am not persisting while setting), I am persisting when the parent object is persisting.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          I found nothing on @Valid in the Hibernate ref doc or JPA/Hibernate book or Seam in Action...

          There is reference to is here: www.hibernate.org/hibdocs/validator/reference/en/htmlsingle/

          @Valid     property (object)     perform validation recursively on the associated object. If the object is a Collection or an array, the elements are validated recursively. If the object is a Map, the value elements are validated recursively.     none

          In any event, you should post this question on the Hibernate forum when it's back up...