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    Hibernate statistics with Seam apps using logSummary method

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Sorry, hibernate.org is still unavailable so I'm posting this here...

      Ok so I recently discovered Hibernate live statistics (pg. 59 of Bauer/King).  I enabled statistics for my app as per this thread:


      booking app:

      0:01,213 INFO  [StatisticsImpl] connections obtained: 4
      0:01,218 INFO  [StatisticsImpl] entities loaded: 13

      my app:

      11:38:50,500 INFO  [StatisticsImpl] connections obtained: 49
      11:38:50,500 INFO  [StatisticsImpl] entities loaded: 416

      I was alarmed by the significant difference in numbers for connections obtained and entities loaded.  My app has 34 entities total.  Is it normal for the entities loaded to be that high?  The entities were revengr'd by hbm2java and lazy-loading defaults were not overridden to eager manually.

      My Seam apps have always run generally slowly on Core 2 Duo (not sure of the root cause, JSF/Seam/db or what) but faster on Quad Xeon server.

      Are these higher numbers cause for alarm?  And when exactly in an action method, for example, would you call the logSummary() method?  Beginning, middle, end??

      Any other good resource online to find more about live statistics w/ Hibernate?